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Power Level

Power level is one of the major stats from the Dragon Ball Universe. It is used from the Dragon ball Series to majority of the Dragon ball Z Games. This has been named and fan-subbed as many different things, such as Battle PowerCombat Power, Fighting Strength and Ki.

Essentially, it is all exactly the same, which the more you had, equivalent to the stronger you are.

It was not until Dragon Ball Super that God Ki, was introduced. Which only Deity forms could sense this power. However, this was hinted in the Episode 215 (Dub episode 200). Where Piccolo was paralyzed with fear, unable to comprehend the Supreme Kai Ki. And Quoted from Funimation Dub from Piccolo.

What is this strange energy I am sensing?

As Piccolo is technically a Deity at this point (even though the Official God Ki has not be introduced), All Guardians of Earth has the ability to sense God Ki. As Piccolo re-merged with Kami, he gained all of Kami’s previous knowledge and skill sets allowing him to transcend into a Deity being. Which is why Piccolo was the only person who was paralyzed by the Supreme Kai’s Ki while nobody else noticed. Quoted by Krillen from Funimation Dub

I don’t understand, is this guy really getting under your skin that much? He just doesn’t seem all that powerful to me.

Scouter Detecting Lord Frieza's Power Level
Scouter Detecting Lord Frieza’s Power Level


Furthermore, at the earlier series of Dragon Ball, only certain Characters was able to detect Power Level without the use of a device. However, during the beginning of Raditz, the Scouters were introduced, and was seem used predominating by Freiza’s Army.

Soon, the scouters were discontinued majority of the characters learned the Sense Ki ability. However, It is noted Freiza never learned this ability and continued the use of scouters in Dragon Ball Super.

A common mistake many users make is, the highest power level wins any battle. This is not the case as Vegeta lectures Future Trunks about Never sacrifice speed for more Power. This same comment was also mentioned when Piccolo taunted Garlic Jr. after the Frieza Saga. The Scouters purely only calculates one’s Ki without factoring any of the other elements, namely Speed, Strength and Technique which are needed to decide the outcome of a fight. The scouter cannot calculate God Ki either.

In the world of Dragon Ball, there are only certain being with the ability to change their power level at will. While majority has to go through a transformation in order to increase their Ki. There are also being such as Earthlings who never learn the existent of Ki and is always at base level. (An average Earthling has a power level of 5)

There are many ways to increase one’s power level, although the most common way was to train, other methods have been shown throughout the series and in many Dragon Ball Z games. These methods include, Magic or Magical based Tools/Water and Exploiting the Saiyan Ability Zenkai. Another notable way to drastically improve one’s Ki for a short period of time is getting emotionally enraged. This technique is most used by Gohan. Goku and Vegeta both have the ability to use this as this was used to tap into the power of a Super Saiyan.

Below is a Chart of the official Power Level in Dragon Ball Z.  This only includes from the anime and manga sources as dragon ball z games used a totally different scaling.

SeriesSagaCharacterPower levelSource
Prequel Dragon BallBardock - The Father of GokuBardockNearly 10,000TV Special
Broly - The Legendary Super SaiyanBroly10,000Dragon Ball Z Movie: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan
Broly - The Legendary Super SaiyanGoku2Dragon Ball Z Movie: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan
Dragon BallPilaf SagaGoku10Daizenshuu 7
Goku Great Ape Form100Daizenshuu 7
Pilaf40Movie 3 Pamphlet
Shu20Movie 3 Pamphlet
Mai20Movie 3 Pamphlet
Oolong10Movie 3 Pamphlet
Puar10Movie 3 Pamphlet
Ox-King900Movie 3 Pamphlet
Tournament SagaBacterian110Movie 3 Pamphlet
Nam100Movie 3 Pamphlet
Ranfan80Movie 3 Pamphlet
Giran100Movie 3 Pamphlet
Red Ribbon Army SagaMajor Metallitron150Movie 3 Pamphlet
Colonel Silver200Movie 3 Pamphlet
Colonel Violet150Movie 3 Pamphlet
General White150Movie 3 Pamphlet
General Blue180Movie 3 Pamphlet
Assistant Black150Movie 3 Pamphlet
Commander Red100Movie 3 Pamphlet
Korin190Weekly Jump #31, 1991
Goku180Daizenshuu 7
Tien Shinhan180Daizenshuu 7
Master Roshi139Daizenshuu 7
Master Shen120Daizenshuu 7
Goku260Daizenshuu 7
King Piccolo260Daizenshuu 7
Master Roshi180Weekly Jump #31, 1991
Tambourine340Movie 3 Pamphlet
Drum280Movie 3 Pamphlet
Piano180Movie 3 Pamphlet
Goku's Super Kamehameha910Weekly Jump #31, 1991
Cyborg Tao210Weekly Jump #31, 1991
Chi-Chi130Weekly Jump #31, 1991
Dragon Ball ZDead ZoneGarlic Jr.1,450Movie 3 Pamphlet
Ginger350Movie 3 Pamphlet
Sansho350Movie 3 Pamphlet
Nicky350Movie 3 Pamphlet
Raditz SagaFarmer5Vol. 17, #195
Goku With Weights334Vol. 17, #199
Goku Without Weights416Vol. 17, #199
Goku using Kamehameha924Vol. 17, #201
Piccolo With Weights322Vol. 17, #195
Piccolo Without Weights408Vol. 17, #199
Piccolo Using Special Beam Cannon (Manga)1,330Vol. 17, #201
Piccolo Using Special Beam Cannon (Anime)1,480Episode 5
Gohan710Vol. 17, #199
Gohan Enraged1,307Vol. 17, #203
Gohan base1Vol. 17, #203
Raditz1,500Daizenshuu 7
Scarface3,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Shorty3,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Vegeta Saga (Training)Bulma12Movie 3 Pamphlet
Master Roshi139Vol. 18, #209
Turtle0.001Episode 8
Krillin206Vol. 18, #209
Tien Shinhan250Vol. 18, #209
Yamcha177Vol. 18, #209
Piccolo329Vol. 18, #209
Kami220Weekly Jump #31, 1991
Mr Popo1,030Weekly Jump #31, 1991
King Kai3,500Movie 3 Pamphlet
Gregory1,100Movie 3 Pamphlet
Bubbles1,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Princess Snake900Movie 3 Pamphlet
King Yemma1,300Movie 3 Pamphlet
Vegeta Saga (Saiyan Invasion)Goku Suppressed5,000Vol. 19, #222
Goku Over 8,000Vol. 19, #224
Goku Using 2x Kaioken16,000Calculated
Goku Using 3x Kaioken24,000Calculated
Goku Using 4x Kaioken32,00Calculated
Piccolo3,500Daizenshuu 7
Krillin1,770Daizenshuu 7
Tien Shinhan1,830Daizenshuu 7
Yamcha1,480Daizenshuu 7
Gohan981Vol. 18, #214
Gohan Using Masenko2,800Vol. 19, #223
Yajirobe970Daizenshuu 7
Chiaotzu610Daizenshuu 7
Saibamen1,200Vol. 18, #215
Nappa4,000Daizenshuu 7
Vegeta18,000Vol. 21, #249
Vegeta In Great Ape Form180,000 Full PowerCalculated
The World's StrongestGoku10,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Goku Using 2x Kaioken20,000Calculated
Goku Using 3x Kaioken30,000Calculated
Goku Using 4x Kaioken40,000Calculated
Piccolo8,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Gohan6,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Krillin5,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Dr. Wheelo39,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Dr. Kochin8Movie 3 Pamphlet
Kishime7,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Ebifurya7,500Movie 3 Pamphlet
Misokatsun4,300Movie 3 Pamphlet
Bio-Men1,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
The Tree of MightGoku30,000Dragon Ball Z Movie: The Tree of Might
Goku Using 2x Kaioken60,000Calculated
Goku Using 10x Kaioken300,000Calculated
Piccolo18,000Dragon Ball Z Movie: The Tree of Might
Gohan10,000Dragon Ball Z Movie: The Tree of Might
Gohan In Great Ape Form100,000Calculated
Turles19,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Turles Full PowerOver 300,000Daizenshuu 7
Daiz13,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Cacao8,400Movie 3 Pamphlet
Rasin8,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Lakasei7,600Movie 3 Pamphlet
Amond9,100Movie 3 Pamphlet
Namek SagaGoku (suppressed)5,000Vol. 24, #279
Goku Using 2x Kaioken180,000Vol.24, #285
Krillin when Versing Frieza's Foot Soldiers1,500Vol. 21, #248
Krillin Versing GuldoOver 10,000Vol. 23, #274
Krillin Versing Recoome13,000Daizenshuu 7
Gohan when Versing Frieza's Foot Soldiers1,500Vol. 21, #248
Gohan Versing GuldoOver 10,000Vol. 23, #274
Gohan Versing Recoome14,000Daizenshuu 7
Vegeta24,000Vol. 21, #249
Vegeta Versing Recoome30,000Vol. 23, #275
Vegeta After Eating Senzu Bean (Zenkai Power)250,000V-Jump
Namekian Warriors3,000Vol. 18, #214
Nail42,000Vol. 24, #286
Moori5,000Movie 3 Pamphlet
Banan1,500Daizenshuu 7
Sui1,500Daizenshuu 7
Cui18,000Vol. 21, #249
Dodoria22,000Daizenshuu 7
Zarbon23,000Daizenshuu 7
Captain Ginyu120,000Vol. 24, #285
Captain Ginyu While in Goku's Body23,000Vol. 24, #288
Frieza SagaGoku3,000,000Daizenshuu 7
Goku Using 10x Kaioken30,000,000Calculated
Goku Using 20x Kaioken60,000,000Calculated
Super Saiyan Goku 150,000,000Daizenshuu 7
GohanOver 200,000 When EnragedV-Jump
Frieza Base Form530,000Vol. 24, #286
Frieza Second FormOver 1,000,000Vol. 25, #296
Frieza Final Form While using 50% Power60,000,000Daizenshuu 7
Frieza Final Form 100% Power120,000,000Daizenshuu 7
Trunks SagaFuture Trunks (suppressed)5Vol. 28, #331
Cooler's RevengeCooler Fifth Form470,000,000V-Jump
Salza170,000Weekly Shonen Jump
Dore185,000Weekly Shonen Jump
Neiz163,000Weekly Shonen Jump
Broly - The Legendary Super SaiyanLegendary Super Saiyan Broly1,400,000,000V-Jump
The Real 4-DFrieza Final Form5,300,000,000The Real 4-D advertisement
Babidi SagaYakon800 kili Equivalent to 40,000,000Vol. 38, #451
Super Saiyan Goku3,000 kili Equivalent to 150,000,000Vol. 38, #451
DaburaOver 4,000 kili Equivalent to Over 200,000,000Episode 223
Fusion RebornSuper Gogeta2,500,000,000V-Jump
Dragon Ball SuperResurrection FFriezaEstimated 1,300,000 after trainingDragon Ball Z Movie: Resurrection F